Our entry for the Amiga Demo Competition at Revision 2013. Which ranked 3rd!

Download AMiGA executable from Scene.org!
Requirements: min. Amiga 68030 AGA and some extra RAM

Watch the entry with live atmosphere!
Watch the price giving here!

Stealth Ranger full credits:
Main-Code and idea: d0dge
Additional code for demotool: dr.k.
Skoda 105 Micromachine 3D-Modell and rendering: falksen (using Blender)
Driving Charlie and Revisionlogo-Animation: d!RT!E
Pixel graphics: d0dge
Typo: d0dge
Photo of “puzzled” Charlie: Dipswitch
The “Roxburry” picture: Slayer
Music: Novel

This is a tiny intro dony by d0dge (Code&GFX) and Novel (music) for Evoke 2011 party in Cologne.
Watch the live footage here!
Download the Amiga-Exe-File!

If you think that Jurassic Pack (the lost Diskmag) is lost at the moment you are right 😀 – but its not forgotten. We still host all executable issues under jurassic-pack.de. Have a look if you want travel back in time, being oldschool. And if you want to support us doing our new project Jurassic Blog please have a look at jurassic-blog.de

Nick: factor6
Real Name: Alan Petrik
Birthdate: 09.04.1976
Country: Czech Republic
Function: Musician

Discography: Mostly modules for various productions. Some for the former Reason some for LQS, one album (MP3) called Impressions. Chiptuning on ZX Spectrum 128 and C64. Made also some for Gameboy, Amstrad CPC and Atari 8bit. Member of AY-Riders music band presenting ZX Spectrum chippies in mp3 on the net. Former member of E.S.A. group on Speccy, Reason on Amiga. Actual member of: Horizontal Lamerz (Amiga), K3L, Phantasy (Speccy), Anubis, Phantasy, Role (C64). Participation at: Many local Czech ZX parties and meetings; Forever 2e3,2e3+1,2002,Quattro (SK); ZX Party 2000 (PL), Int.Vodka Party 1,2 (PL), SymMek2001 (DE), Primary Star 2003 (NL), Apocalypse01 (CZ), Sydeecate02+03 (CZ)…

Equipment: Amiga 500 (I’ve sold my A4060), PC trackers and emuls, ZX Spectrum 128, C64 (new and old), Atari 1040ST, Amstrad CPC 6128, SAM Coupe 512K, C128D, Yamaha PSR-195 (yes, shit).

Profile: As Koko&Keke entered the music and computer scene until I renamed to factor6 in ’93. I like being with friends, boozing, having fun. Relaxing with a tracker, listening chippies and mods, to be in bed and making summer bicycle trips.

Other Groups: Phantasy, K3L, Anubis

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