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Total playing time: 22:30 minutes
All tracks done by Raztaman

The first real EP published under mOOdS in mp3 by our new member Raztaman or razta2000 as he called himself these days. Featuring several funky and experimental but calm tracks. Pete’s funk features d!RT!E‘s vocals and partly zito‘s lyrics. Greenhouse features the voice of Astroschnautzer. Pianotus features the voice of Robert De Niro. “Everybody must get” is actually a song from Cypress Hill, mixed by Raztaman. It also features the voice of Marlon Brando & mr. Deniro. Razta-ambient features many samples from Astroschnautzer. The rest is played/made by himself after he moved to sweden. Cover by xenusion.

Download the whole EP with HQ-mp3s including cover! (20,3 MB)

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