Handle: Novel aka Selectanovel
Real Name: Matthias Kretzler
Birthdate: 24.07.1981
Country: Germany
Function: Musicion, Editor
Homepage: www.supermatse.de

Discography: 1994-1998 lots of Amiga 8ch tunes (mmv8) released on aminet, 2000 Soundtrack Sharks!CD32 Edition (mp3) (aminet), since 2001 Remixing for VGMix.com/ Amigaremix.com (mp3), since 2004 releases at demoparties (mp3 & mod)

Equipment: Amiga CD32 with SX32 Expansion, Peeccee, 1x Technics 1210, Gemini-Mixer

Profile: Got Protracker in 1992 for DM 19,95, had no clue and abandoned it. Started a bit later with the exotic Music Maker v8 2.0 by Dire Cracks and produced lots of 8 channel tunes till 1998. Moved to Fasttracker on Peecee, then to Madtracker. Discovered the VGMixing scene and started producing remixes of senior Nintendo and Amiga game soundtracks. Finally settled over to Buzzmachines and Renoize on the Peecee.
Didn’t get a foot into the scene before Breakpoint 2004 – and this scene was exactly what I had been searching for a long time. Like someone had pressed \”ctrl-amiga-amiga\” on my life – I eventually started Protracking in April 2004.

Musically, I prefer not to tie myself down to a specific style – although a certain hip-hop affinity is probably undenyable. I just like it the most when it grooves and when an mc puts some well flowin\’ rhymes on it, I like it even more. In addition to my musical interest I have always been interested in writing and so it was a great pleasure for me to join the Jurassic Pack staff as a Co-Editor in 2005.

Other Groups: Gnumpf-Posse

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