Apr 212010

At First There Was Nothing…
…but then, a few moments later, zito was going to get an idea about a new Amiga music platform. And suddenly in the end of 1999 “Moods – Music For Ya Instictz” was born. These days he and d!RT!E were members of Apathy, but as they did not get any support from the group, they decided to leave and produce mOOdS under the small ascii-label Layout and the old music label of d!RT!E named “Hullabaloo Machinery”.

The first release was kicked on 27th of april 2000 and already on 16th june six releases were available. d!RT!E made a cool homepage – yes, the one with the nearly naked woman without 5 toes for which we got known afterwards.

Then – being still the only active musician – d!RT!E became organiser too, because zito had to do a lot of other scene stuff. And now the train started rollin` fast… Already some weeks later more than 150 Hits since launchin the page, guestbook got installed and on irc.germany.net our channel #moods had been launched. In august 2k the 21st file was released after Psycho and Blakkhar joined us and at this time we were extreme proud to offer over 154 minutes pure undergroundmusic – available for free and at very low size of 11,8 MB! Try this with mp3!!! 😉

In september we were already offering 40 tracks – from hiphop, dancehall to drum`n`bass, discofunk and techno – and a new layout for the website was done (including frames and nice mouse over buttons). With the release of an amazing megamix on 15.10.2000 we had broken the 200 minutes playing duration, while over 1000 Hits and 50th release had been reached one month later. In december esemgy joined us, as also elapse did in january 2001. It must have been these days when mOOdS became an own group and label, independent from Layout and Hullabaloo Machinery.

Although already more than 64 regular mods released had been kicked, we only reached 30MB totalpacked modulesize when our first online music competition started. 17.o2.2oo1 – after the unbelievable “tONS of mOOdS weekend” – we jumped from 400 to 510 minutes playing duration. And then – after our first Mekka & Symposium party where we presented our first audio cd “mOOdS – dIGITAL rAdIO” containing the best moodsreleases done during our first year – we crossed the magical “100 releases”, broke 600 minutes of playing time and finished the competition and opened an mpfree corner for our artists and guests. Of course also some new members teamed up with us, who are now still mOOdtANtS, except -pOWL!/Bonzai Revival who got kicked after one year of inactivity and no replies.

In august 2001 we brought up the new layout. Also during this summer we did a guestrelease for Liquid Skies Records named “SkyscraperEP” you can see in x-tras too and the first mOOdS EASTSiDE mEEtiNG has been held at d!RT!E‘s place in Leipzig/Germany in october.

Eastern 2002 after Acidrain (Ukraine) joined us as coder, we rocked the last Mekka-Symposium again by releasing Legoland, our first chippack, some great tunes and a wild-demo named “IRC”. All to be found in the releases section. Shortly later we moved our webspace to www.chscene.ch’s server. And in the end of august the second mOOdS EAStSiDE mEEtiNG has been held at Doc mIKE´s place in Erfurt – read the partyreport in “Jurassic Pack #11″. There we developed – among other things – the former website.

We reached 2oo releases in autumn 2002 and finally got a new ascii-design for .diz and .nfo by Dipswitch/1oo%^Dream Theatre. In 2003 old Amigascener Raztaman from Finland (now working in Sweden) joined as Razta2000 (and re-renamed afterwards) as musician, while xeNusion/Razor 1911 became our first gfx-only member. And although both of them use mainly PCs to do their hobbies and some other members use Amiga and IBM compatibles side by side, mOOdS pLAtEAU stays an Amigabased crew!

In 2003 we moved forward. At Breakpoint we released together with SINNsitiv.de a wilddemo, with Scarab a diskmag, with Drifters an intro, several music compo entries as always and all who were shown got very good places! At Symphony Party we shot our first movie/report wich got good response in the demoscene and got leeched a lot. We got our elite 😉 URL www.moodsplateau.net and started producing EPs and albums instead of singles files only as before.

It was in 2004 when we launched the new website, released directly our second album with participation of half of the mdS staff and are looking forward with our new member Ghandy. Some renamed (dodge, Psycreator) and some left (711, xeNusion). More to come here next time!

Between 2004 and 2008 we released more and more mp3 albums and eps. We entered the competitions at Evoke and Breakpoint regularly.

In 2009 we celebrated our 10th anniversary \o/. We released several productions for this event.

Its 2011 and we are still moving. Last year Akira from Argentina joined. The website needed a redesign and is using wordpress as cms now.

zito – Founder, Organizer & Chronicler (z!o) (ex-member since 2004), d!RT!E

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