A videoclip that shows real street action. Its about art, youth, rebellion, loyalty to your crew and explaines how to make your mark ON society. The video contains two fabulous animations by akut: “25-Tagger” which is made using 112 single frames handcutted templates and “B-Boy” which has 31 single frames made of handdrawn “Post” buttons.

Name: The key to success!
Type: Video Clip – Wilddemo
Main concept/ Idea: d0dge
Editor, compositing: d!RT!E
3D objects and animation: Nk-Tux
2D animation: akut/ maclaim
Cuts and Scratches: DJ Normandie
Music: d0dge
Release Date: 26.03.2005 at Breakpoint`05 , place 4
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 333MB | WMV 83MB

Download Wilddemo as DVD PAL MPEG 2 333MB!
Download Wilddemo as WMV 83MB

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