A musicdisk and a slideshow in one piece. Merged together, we call it “Fusion”. Our X-MAS present for the AMiGA-Scene supports gfx-cards, sound-cards and it runs so nice on hires-interlaced screen-resolution with sound output via paula. Six multichannel tracks in slow funky tech, 2step and chillout style. Some nice photos and gfx were displayed while playing. Its recommended that you have a 68060 working in your machine but it also works on 68030/50MHZ with lower mixing samplerate!

WinUAE users can start the disk directly by adding the .lha-archive under “Harddrives”. You just need to have a Kickrom3.0 or 3.1 and set under Quickstart the A1200 model.

Update: We corrected our bad english in the scroller and added new gfx… the exe is now offically fixed 😀

Musicdisk: “Fusion”
Coding: Doc.K.
Music: climber, Psycreator and d!RT!E
Panel-Gfx: d!RT!E
Gallery-Gfx: baerb/Kakiarts, dael, Dafreak
Release date: 25.12.2007 | update 03.04.2008
Requirement: AMiGA (030+), HD+some Chip/FastMEM or WiNUAE


Download Musicdisk (local) 7.4mb

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