Handle: mAZE
Real Name: Stian Gudbrandsen
Birthdate: 29.04.1978
Country: Norway
Function: Musician

Discography: mOOdS tracks & mp3s, Soloalbum named: “aMAZEing” & a singlealbum named: “tWISTED”, Working on a new album planned to get released summer 2004, maker of Digital Chips, released alot of tunes under the Utopia, Eltech, exxON, Massive & Apathy lable…

Equipment: PC 1.4ghz with Creative Audigy 2 soundcard, A1200 ++

Profile: Been a musician since 1991, done over 500 chiptunes and alot of other tunes both on PC and Amiga.

Other Groups: Apathy

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