Handle: d!RT!E
Real Name: Thomas Siegel
Birthdate: 06.02.1978
Country: Germany
Function: Musician, Organizer, Webmaster
Homepage: www.thomas-siegel.info
Myspace: www.myspace.com/siegelix

Demoscene/ Discography:
1993 Inspired to do musics coz of good old techno days. Mainly on Amiga (at this time a500 and startrekker), later with Octamed and Midi. I founded a crew with some friends called “HUMA” which means “Hullabaloo-Machinery”. Several Tapes were filled with experimental ;D stuff. During all the time I became a demo-watcher and collector.

1996 released Huma Album “This Place”. Tried to build up a real label and studio with “DJ KIRI” and “Mike N”. 1996 I produced together with Dirk Hieronymus first real single CD release for “OCSID REC”. But after quarrels the “Huma-Posse” had to give up the co-op with “DJ KIRI” and “Mike N”.

1997 released Huma Album “The Second Stage”. Now on AMiGA 1230/50 with Toccata and Octamed Soundstudio.

1999 released Huma Album “Third Dimension”. 13 Tracks with artwork and videos by “A.G.”
In 12/1999 Huma Album “Next Lenoleum” was released.

2000 I joined “Apathy” after I met zito in Leipzig.
We founded mOOdS as a division of “Apathy” and later of “Layout” and “Huma”.

2001 mOOdS became an own crew, I`am organizer for. I went to “Mekka & Symposium´o1″ where we released our first mOOds-audioCD.

2002 several releases on mOOdS and guestreleases for LQS Rec. I went to “Mekka & Symposium´o2″. There we entered the competitions with a wilddemo called “IRC”.

In 2003 we went to “Breakpoint” and “Symphony” Party. We made third place with our wilddemo “Sceners in the sun” at BP´03. The song “Sceners in the sun” became second in streamed music competition. The song “Leipzig goes Poznan” became 4th at Symphony 2003.

moods renamed to moodsplateau

We did wilddemos for Breakpoint 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010. I also attended at EVOKE`05, ´06, ´07, ´08, ´09.

Equipment: A1260 with Mediator. Voodoo4, Soundblaster, Ethernet, FAAAST WiNDOZE, Behringer Eurorack 1604A, Beyerdynamik TG-X 58, AKG K301.

Profile: I like to produce funkee musics with broken beats and melody. Let myself be inspired by a wide spectrum of music, partys and people. Respect to the AMiGA-CREWS out there. if WE do not continue, a big piece of computer and art history will die!

Other Groups: Thonk Bros.

One Response to “d!RT!E”

  1. Hi mate,

    This is your old mailtrading contact Punisher, now known as Puni, from Void and Tussejuv Rangers writing.

    I’m swapping again. If you’re interested in some old fashion mailtrading (CD’s, CF-cards, floppies), please contact me. You and your group will also get new Amiga stuff before it arrives on the Internet. 😉

    Please contact me through e-mail if you’re interested, I don’t want to post my details here. 😉

    Best wishes,


    PS: I’ve got one swapping-contact now.. used to have over a hundred, times have changed.. 😉

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