Released during Easter at Revision 2015 – This is a Amiga OCS Demo by Moods Plateau.

It took a long while but we managed to sweat out a final version of our Amiga Demo Quintessence which is now available under the download link. The archive contains the crunched executable (won’t run on A500 + 512k b/c of memory overusage), an ADF and DMS disk image for your A500 pleasure. Traditionally we threw in a bonus directory with goodies from the development process, such as the graphic drafts by Xenusion and the PT module of this here final version.

Download AMiGA-OCS executable final version


Code, Concept: dodge
Code 3D dev-tools: dr.k.
Graphic: xeNusion
Music: Novel
Additional grafics: d!RT!E

3 Responses to “Quintessence”

  1. Good demo, but some strange behaviour on real Amigas.I really hope that there will come a final version for this in next time, because this beta-version has some strange behaviour. On one side the demo needs Kick1.3 to run completely to the end (otherwise it hangs bevor the cube-part) and on the other side the demo needs at least 1MB Chip. So, we have 1MB Chipram and Kick1.3. But this combination the normal Amiga-Hardware dont have. Until now i can only run it on my Amiga600 (2MB Chipram) and using Relokick before. This is the only combination that works. All my normal A500 Amigas have “512kb Chip + 512kb Fast” and here the Demo dont work and my A600 Amigas have “2MB Chip and Kick2.05” and the other “1MB Chip and Kick3.1” and here the demo hangs before the cube-part. Strange thing. Luckily Relokick helps here, but Relokick takes 512kb from the memory, which means that on my 1MB A600 then the demo also dont work. Hope this will be fixed soon.

  2. Hi,

    the Kickstart Version should have no influence on why the Dodecahedron part is crashing in the party version. It’s mostly a problem of order of procedures (Blitter & Copper writes). The ChipMem usage for the party version overdraws somewhat in the 30 – 60kB range.

    For the final:
    it is definitely in the works. The memory usage has been fixed already (i.e. runs on A500 + 512k).
    The crash of the last FX scene ATM is still a bit shaky but seems to work on a clean boot.
    Other final work includes polishing of the pictures and scenery and overworking the last 3rd of the soundtrack. Since we don’t have any big executable project planned, I’ll take my sweet time to finish the final version – thus, patience is a virtue. Thanks for your concern.

    Best regards

  3. Sadly still no final-version of this demo. It should be fixed at least in this way, that it either will work on “A500, Kick1.3, 512kb Chip, 512kb Fast”, or that it will work with higher kickstarts than 1.3. Sadly it hangs with Kick2.04, Kick2.05, Kick3.0 and Kick3.1 before the part with the yellow background and the green tube comes. So these two incompatibilitys in combination are very bad for letting this demo run on real Amigas, which is sad. When the big work was made to release a good new OCS/ECS Amiga-Demo, than the much less work should be done, to make it compatible on normal A500 or A600 Amigas.

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