Nick: Tripper
Real Name: Ville Sarell
Birthdate: 20.02.1978
Country: Finland
Function: Musician

Discography: Lotsa tracks for mOOdS pLAtEAU (tracked + MP3s), a few tracks for LQS, tracks also released at (finnish MP3-community sort of) and some video-projects… Participated in many past parties: incl. M&S 2002, AltParties 2-4, Assembly since 1994, The Party 1997, Motorola Inside ’97&’98… and organized 9 successful private parties called “TripSapa”.

Equipment: Amiga1200PPC (with Delfina Lite), PC (Reason2.5), Yamaha CS2X, Korg Kaoss Pad2, Novation BassStation, turntables etc…

Profile: Yup, likes drinking and smoking. New ambitious goal is to find a new musicstyle!

Other Groups: LQS, Void

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