Slideshow: a partyslide of BASS… erm Breakpoint 2005
Coding: d0dge
Music: d!RT!E, International Pony
Gfx and Photos: d!RT!E, Nk-Tux, d0dge, Xenusion
Release date: 19.04.2005
Requirements: AMiGA 1200 or WiNUAE

To continue last years tradition we tried our best in producing a enjoyable slideshow. We catched party atmosphere and some anecdotes. Its a nonparty release which are rare these days. (2MB Fun)

Download The Slideshow (local)

Slideshow: JP#13 Slideshow
Coding: d0dge
Music: genetix/ mangoo
Gfx: fireball/ [S]
Release date: 21.11.2004
Requirements: AMiGA 1200 or WiNUAE

This time Ghandy asked dodge to do the slideshow. Without slide JP would not JP anymore so here it is… (1,5 MB Fun)

Download The Slideshow (

Slideshow: Code Inside Slide (Breakpoint 2004)
Coding: dodge (ex-docmike)
Music: Thonk Bros. (elapse & d!RT!E)
Gfx and Photos: dodge, d!RT!E, dipswitch
Release date: 20.04.2004
Requirements: AMiGA 1200 or WiNUAE

We shot a lot of pictures at Breakpoint this year. And so dipswitch and mOOdS plateau decided to do a small but nice slide show. (1,5 MB fun)

Download The Slideshow (local)
Download The Slideshow (

Slideshow: Symphony 2003 Slideshow
Coding: dOCmIKE (now known as dodge)
Music: mAZE
Gfx and Photos: dOCmIKE(now known as dodge), zito, d!RT!E
Release date: 18.07.2003
Requirements: AMiGA 500+++ or WiNUAE

dOCmIKE (now known as dodge) rebuilt his new planned intro to this slideshow, after we grabbed a lot of funny videoshots for our report. So you can also feel the spirit of this nice party even if you dont have hi-speed inet connection.

Download The Slideshow (local)
Download The Slideshow (

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