This is a little video documentation of our ride to TRSAC 2015.

Revision 2012 in party mode from dirtie on Vimeo.

Roughly 6 minutes party atmosphere recorded at Revision Demoscene party held during easter 2012 in Saarbrücken/ Germany

by d!RT!E/moods plateau

TRSAC 2010 video report – 10 years Anniversary from dirtie on Vimeo.

“The Real Scene After Christmas” (TRSAC) is a demoscene party in Denmark. We captured the mood of this event. It was the 10 years anniversary party from 22.-24. of october 2010 in Aarhus/Denmark.

camera & editing by Thomas ‘d!RT!E‘ Siegel
spellchecking & additional ideas Michael ‘d0dge‘ Fiedler

Short video-snippets from the Retro Party in Erfurt.


It was friday, 12th of november 2010 when Klanggerüst e.V. organized their retro party at Klanggerüst-Villa, supported by Retro-Magazine. A mixture of 8-/16-Bit-gaming and chiptunes-live.acts. The following machines could be played: NES, C64, KC85, Atari 2600, MasterSystem, Atari 7800, MSX(2), ColecoVision, Interton VC4000, MB Vectrex, Intellivion, SNES, MegaDrive, Amiga. KTHX and greetings to PLUSH.


Timescratch (Leipzig)
Bikecore (Tel Aviv/Weimar)
HoppiTronic (Apolda)

Video by d!RT!E/moodsplateau

This video material was recorded during a live gig of Lax-O-Mat at “Brühl-Begehungen” in Chemnitz.

Half a year after the first Netaudio-Night the organizers arranged a second party for netaudios only. Lax-O-Mat of moods plateau played again live! The main floor of EEG Westwerk in Leipzig is bigger as the floor of superkronik where Lax-O-Mat played last time and was crowded!

19-09-09 – Software Freedom Day and 1st netaudio night, Leizig, Germany.
The celebration already started on Friday the18th at 6 pm in the sublab, Karl-Heine-Straße. It was a big street festival with exhibitions, discussions about creative commons (“my commons, your commons”) and finally the 1st netaudio night in Leipzig. Held at the Superkronik Club on saturday. Lax-O-Mat was the headliner on the second floor.

mdS history – 10 wasted years from dirtie on Vimeo.

1999-2009. A movie about the evolution of mood splateau, a netlabel and demoscene group.

Read this to understand what demoscene is:

Frequenzcafe 2008 by moodsplateau from dirtie on Vimeo.

Camera and editing: d!RT!E
The moods plateau crew was asked to fill one “Frequenzcafé” evening at “Paris Syndrom” in Leipzig.

This is what we did on 23rd october 2008:

– Best of “Demo or Die” DVD
– DJiNG Netlabel tunez (elapse, d!RT!E, Looza)
Lax-O-Mat Live

Netlabel-tunes, Beer, Amiga to play with and Demos on the ceiling – great!

Name: 10 Years EVOKE (Sticken Anniversary Vibes)
Type: Party Report
Camera: d!RT!E
Edited by: d!RT!E
Translation: dodge
Scrollertexts: Ghandy
Music: taken from party releases
The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills.

The demosceners meet at partys. A small but nice and well organized one is EVOKE. This video has 20 minutes finest party atmosphere! Ok, its moodsplateau flavoured ;D but it also represents the kewl general feeling… Thanks to the organizers!

© 2016 moods plateau Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha

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