Vigil Coma by moodsplateau from dirtie on Vimeo.

A dark short movie based on a short story by Ghandy. The compo was very tough this year so we hit place 6.

Name: Vigil Coma
Type: Animation, Movie
Story: Ghandy
Compositing, 3D-Backgrounds: Nk-Tux
Storyboard, Characteranim, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Raztaman, Psycreator, mAZE
Voices: dodge, d!RT!E, AT, Torsten Schrot, Daniel Fischer
Release Date: 15.04.2006 at Breakpoint`06 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 263 MB

Download Wilddemo! FTP Mirror 263 MB
Download Low Quality WMV Version 20MB

Its just a fastcompo entry. The fastcompo rules said: the demo should contain aliens, a fluffy carpet, old sci-fi music and oldschool demo effects. I think we got it all 😀 by the way its clary and furys bus flying through the orbit…

Name: Raumpatroullie BreakpR0N
Type: Fastcompo BP05 – Wilddemo
Concept: d!RT!E, Nk-Tux, Psycreator
Animation: Nk-Tux
Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Psycreator
Release Date: 27.03.2005 at Breakpoint`05 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 102MB

Download The Wilddemo! 102 MB

A videoclip that shows real street action. Its about art, youth, rebellion, loyalty to your crew and explaines how to make your mark ON society. The video contains two fabulous animations by akut: “25-Tagger” which is made using 112 single frames handcutted templates and “B-Boy” which has 31 single frames made of handdrawn “Post” buttons.

Name: The key to success!
Type: Video Clip – Wilddemo
Main concept/ Idea: d0dge
Editor, compositing: d!RT!E
3D objects and animation: Nk-Tux
2D animation: akut/ maclaim
Cuts and Scratches: DJ Normandie
Music: d0dge
Release Date: 26.03.2005 at Breakpoint`05 , place 4
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 333MB | WMV 83MB

Download Wilddemo as DVD PAL MPEG 2 333MB!
Download Wilddemo as WMV 83MB

Name: Spiritual Attitude
Type: Video Clip Style
Camera: d!RT!E, zito
Edited by: d!RT!E
Additional FX: Nk-Tux
Music: d!RT!E
Release Date: 11.07.2004
Format: MPG (VCD) 38MB

This is just a kind of music video showing some great moments at moods meetings and parties together with a nice emotional music. (drt)

“Spiritual Attitude” – is encoded as standard vcd-mpg. This format is easy to burn on a vcd and then you are able to play the movie with almost every standalone dvd-player. On pc you can play this wilddemo with vlc-player, windvd or any other player which is able to handle vcd-format.

Download Wilddemo!

This movie-project we started some years ago. But during all the time i did not find the right time to finish the story and i had no suitable music. Now we did it. And our aim is to explain the feelings which come up when you are bombed with news, spam and other garbage which drives the rabbit in your head… …mad. (drt)

“rabbit in your head” – is encoded as standard svcd-mpg. This format is easy to burn on a svcd and then you are able to play the movie with almost every standalone dvd-player. On pc you can play this wilddemo with vlc-player, windvd or any other player which is able to handle svcd-format.
Name: rabbit in your head.
Type: Video Clip Style
Camera: Jan Oberländer (Stark)
Directing: zito, d!RT!E, Jan Oberländer
Actor: Daniel “alec T. rick” Wagner
Edited by: d!RT!E
Music: elapse
Release Date: 10.04.2004
Format: MPG (SVCD) 69,4MB

Download Wilddemo!

Fuusionprojecti a.k.a oldskooldentromadness that had to be made. This video is kind of an reflection what I always wanted from an amigademo at those days, some people may find it boring but some may find it entertaining…. 😀 (Raztaman)

Name: Fuusioprojecti
Type: Psychedelic Video Clip
Flashed by: Raztaman
Additional FX: Tai-Men/ Dug and STZ/ Dug& Style
Music: Raztaman
Release Date: 11.07.2004 at symphon04 party
Format: MPG 46MB LSD

Download Wilddemo!

A wilddemo co-produced by the moods plateau in co-operation with the artgroup SINNsitiv, 3rd placed entry at Breakpoint 2003 Party. This Videoclip should bring some scene-spirit to the party crowd. Seems that it worked. The soundtrack even became second in the streamed music competition. But you should better watch it yourself instead of reading this text to get the spirit! (drt+z!o)

Name: Sceners In The Sun (SINNsitiv vs. mOOdS)
Type: Video Clip Style
Idea, Direction & Camera: d!RT!E & zito
Edited by: d!RT!E
Produced by: zito
Music: d!RT!E, Anja (Vocals), zito (Text)
Release Date: 19.04.2003
Format: MPG (VCD)

Download Wilddemo!Download Soundtrack!Visit

Entry at Breakpoint 2003 Party. Against US-politic done by George and his gouvernment. Done using several US-LOGOS and composed them together with Avid Mediacomposer. Music is a chip-version of “The pinky and the brain” title song which should make the message transport “tomorrow? we will take over the world!” easier. (drt)

Name: “Cracked”
Type: Political Cracktro Style
Idea & Direction: d!RT!E & zito
Edited by: d!RT!E & angst
Music: d!RT!E
Release Date: 19.04.2003
Format: MPG (VCD)

Download Wilddemo!

Lyrics: zito
Idea, Direction & Editing By: d!RT!E
Music: Thonk Bros.

A quite cool surprise movie for Mekka and Symposium 2002. Done in the typical wild wilddemo style by using movie samples from the past eastern Mekka & Symposium party recordings. Have a look and enjoy the spirit! Also listen to Irritating Rational Concentration (IRC) EP.

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