Our entry for the Animation Competition at TRSAC 2013. Which ranked 1st!

Scene is – download lyrics

Scene is – download video

Scene is – credits:
Animation, editing and idea: d!RT!E
Music, lyrics and rap: Novel
Additional rap: d!RT!E
Photos: some by d!RT!E, some by TED some were taken from slengpung.com
scratches: DJ Laik
“Scene is” Tag: d0dge
3D short separators: falksen and mog
Videos: taken from partyreports at youtube

Animation/Wild competition entry at TRSAC 2012 party held in Aarhus/Denmark. Ranked 1st place.

Watch the Live Video Footage here!

Download full quality video from Scene.org!

Q-Ball full credits:
Actors: d0dge, falksen, Novel, d!RT!E
World-Wide-Camera: Siola Cinta Panke, Tina Artes, Tobias Hohensee, d!RT!E
Billard-Camera: falksen, d!RT!E – we used Canon 60D, 650D
Motion-Capturing: noemis using Kinect and Blender
Q-Ball-3D-Tunnel-Scene: falksen
Q-Ball-3D-Green-Slime-Scene: noemis
Fake 3D-Q-Ball compositing: d!RT!E using After Effects
Editing: d!RT!E on Avid Mediacomposer
Big-Bug-Bunny: taken from Blender-Community and slightly modified by noemis free for creative commons use
Duck-Run: taken from matizhans youtube channel
gif “guy in arm chair”: taken from trsac.dk website
Intro, Break, Outro music: done by Novel (with little help by MC-Hammer)
Main-Tune: Lax-O-Mat feat. MS Vybe “Berlin-Track”

This contribution for TRSAC 2010 got 2nd place in the fun copetition.

A short music-clip which has won the Animation/ Video Competition at Breakpoint 2010. The main-character is influenced by a headphone.

Name: Membrain!
Type: Video
Script, Board: noemis, d!RT!E
Compositing, 3D: Nk-Tux, noemis, d!RT!E
Camera: Björn Kowalewski, Jonathan Skorupa
Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Mong Blong, Flow (rap), Joe (beats), Siyman (guitar)
Actors and Help: Lars “Actionhero” Kalide, Wolfgang “Wolle” Schneider, Simon “Siyman” Andersch,

Download the full quality WMV here!

Bo-Marley and band doing a spontaneous live gig in front of the supermarket at the Connewitzer Kreuz in Leipzig (the Jahtari.org homebase) with their Bo-Mobil. The Bo-Mobil is a akku powered sound-station on a little trolley. Shall we call it a bandwagon? Whatever!
Including the new tunes “Rollen Vorbai” and “Robotcar” plus their undying classic “Fleisch”. It was a quite nice and mad action and we captured the atmosphere as good as we could.

The film scored the second place at the Evoke 2008 in the Wild Competition!

Its a weird little movie about a guy who accidentally got influenced by drugs.
For us the goal was learning more about tracking and hdtv. Of course we also had a lot of fun doing this movie and we reached place 5 of 14 at Breakpoint Party.

Name: One day in the life of Trojan Kesselring!
Type: Video
Script, Board: d!RT!E
Compositing: Nk-Tux, d!RT!E
Camera, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Tripper, elapse
Actors and Greenkey-Operators:
Chaser: Lars ‘Larsactionhero’ Kalide, Daniel ‘Decypher’ Fischer, René ‘xtekkerx’ Jugold,
Underdog: Simeon ‘noemis‘ Conzendorf
Release Date: 22.03.2008 at Breakpoint party
Format: FULL HD (1920×1080) XVID 475 MB

Download Wilddemo! HDTV-XVID 475MB from underground.net

Download Mid-Quality (Pal-Resolution) WMV Version 90MB

The first time we hit the 1st place in a competition after six years being active in demoscene! Its a fun video but it has some special effects though. Just try to redo the Lemming scene ;D ! We also performed a dance live at the party, wearing the costumes, while the video ran on the bigscreen.

Name: Classics on the run!
Type: Video
Idea: d!RT!E
Compositing: Nk-Tux, d!RT!E
Camera, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: elapse, mAZE
Actors: Elvira: Gabi/Kakiarts, Worms: Anja Hase, Antje Tasche, Sven Schneider, Turrican, Rick Dangerous, Lemming: Nk-Tux, Prince of Persia: Daniel Obst
Release Date: 12.08.2006 at EVOKE `06 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 263 MB

Download Wilddemo! DVD-MPG2 322 MB from scene.org
Download Mid-Quality WMV Version 80MB local

A dark short movie based on a short story by Ghandy. The compo was very tough this year so we hit place 6.

Name: Vigil Coma
Type: Animation, Movie
Story: Ghandy
Compositing, 3D-Backgrounds: Nk-Tux
Storyboard, Characteranim, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Raztaman, Psycreator, mAZE
Voices: dodge, d!RT!E, AT, Torsten Schrot, Daniel Fischer
Release Date: 15.04.2006 at Breakpoint`06 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 263 MB

Download Wilddemo! FTP Mirror 263 MB
Download Low Quality WMV Version 20MB

Its just a fastcompo entry. The fastcompo rules said: the demo should contain aliens, a fluffy carpet, old sci-fi music and oldschool demo effects. I think we got it all :D by the way its clary and furys bus flying through the orbit…

Name: Raumpatroullie BreakpR0N
Type: Fastcompo BP05 – Wilddemo
Concept: d!RT!E, Nk-Tux, Psycreator
Animation: Nk-Tux
Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Psycreator
Release Date: 27.03.2005 at Breakpoint`05 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 102MB

Download The Wilddemo! 102 MB

A videoclip that shows real street action. Its about art, youth, rebellion, loyalty to your crew and explaines how to make your mark ON society. The video contains two fabulous animations by akut: “25-Tagger” which is made using 112 single frames handcutted templates and “B-Boy” which has 31 single frames made of handdrawn “Post” buttons.

Name: The key to success!
Type: Video Clip – Wilddemo
Main concept/ Idea: d0dge
Editor, compositing: d!RT!E
3D objects and animation: Nk-Tux
2D animation: akut/ maclaim
Cuts and Scratches: DJ Normandie
Music: d0dge
Release Date: 26.03.2005 at Breakpoint`05 , place 4
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 333MB | WMV 83MB

Download Wilddemo as DVD PAL MPEG 2 333MB!
Download Wilddemo as WMV 83MB

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