“80 days of Blender” covers Mogs way from rookie to a experienced blender-user. Inspired and motivated by the #Blenderbeer Leipzig pub meeting, Mog released a picture/graphic done using Blender each day.
The video was released at Evoke 2016 demoscene party held in cologne/germany and won the compo.

3D, design, actor: Mike ‘Mog’ Gränz
camera, editing, compositing: Thomas ‘d!RT!E‘ Hansen
music: Stian ‘mAZE‘ Gudbrandsen
narrator: Ziphoid

Released at TRSAC 2014 in Aarhus – This is an animation by Moods Plateau.

Download 720p mp4

Script: Novel, d!RT!E
Animation and editing: d!RT!E
Music: Wright & Bastard
Driver: d0dge (since some of the scenes were done during our ride to denmark ;D)

Our entry for the Animation Competition at TRSAC 2013. Which ranked 1st!

Scene is – download lyrics

Scene is – download video

Scene is – credits:
Animation, editing and idea: d!RT!E
Music, lyrics and rap: Novel
Additional rap: d!RT!E
Photos: some by d!RT!E, some by TED some were taken from slengpung.com
scratches: DJ Laik
“Scene is” Tag: d0dge
3D short separators: falksen and mog
Videos: taken from partyreports at youtube

Animation/Wild competition entry at TRSAC 2012 party held in Aarhus/Denmark. Ranked 1st place.

Watch the Live Video Footage here!

Download full quality video from Scene.org!

Q-Ball full credits:
Actors: d0dge, falksen, Novel, d!RT!E
World-Wide-Camera: Siola Cinta Panke, Tina Artes, Tobias Hohensee, d!RT!E
Billard-Camera: falksen, d!RT!E – we used Canon 60D, 650D
Motion-Capturing: noemis using Kinect and Blender
Q-Ball-3D-Tunnel-Scene: falksen
Q-Ball-3D-Green-Slime-Scene: noemis
Fake 3D-Q-Ball compositing: d!RT!E using After Effects
Editing: d!RT!E on Avid Mediacomposer
Big-Bug-Bunny: taken from Blender-Community and slightly modified by noemis free for creative commons use
Duck-Run: taken from matizhans youtube channel
gif “guy in arm chair”: taken from trsac.dk website
Intro, Break, Outro music: done by Novel (with little help by MC-Hammer)
Main-Tune: Lax-O-Mat feat. MS Vybe “Berlin-Track”

This contribution for TRSAC 2010 got 2nd place in the fun copetition.

A short music-clip which has won the Animation/ Video Competition at Breakpoint 2010. The main-character is influenced by a headphone.

Name: Membrain!
Type: Video
Script, Board: noemis, d!RT!E
Compositing, 3D: Nk-Tux, noemis, d!RT!E
Camera: Björn Kowalewski, Jonathan Skorupa
Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Mong Blong, Flow (rap), Joe (beats), Siyman (guitar)
Actors and Help: Lars “Actionhero” Kalide, Wolfgang “Wolle” Schneider, Simon “Siyman” Andersch,

Download the full quality WMV here!

Bo-Marley and band doing a spontaneous live gig in front of the supermarket at the Connewitzer Kreuz in Leipzig (the Jahtari.org homebase) with their Bo-Mobil. The Bo-Mobil is a akku powered sound-station on a little trolley. Shall we call it a bandwagon? Whatever!
Including the new tunes “Rollen Vorbai” and “Robotcar” plus their undying classic “Fleisch”. It was a quite nice and mad action and we captured the atmosphere as good as we could.

The film scored the second place at the Evoke 2008 in the Wild Competition!

Its a weird little movie about a guy who accidentally got influenced by drugs.
For us the goal was learning more about tracking and hdtv. Of course we also had a lot of fun doing this movie and we reached place 5 of 14 at Breakpoint Party.

Name: One day in the life of Trojan Kesselring!
Type: Video
Script, Board: d!RT!E
Compositing: Nk-Tux, d!RT!E
Camera, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Tripper, elapse
Actors and Greenkey-Operators:
Chaser: Lars ‘Larsactionhero’ Kalide, Daniel ‘Decypher’ Fischer, René ‘xtekkerx’ Jugold,
Underdog: Simeon ‘noemis‘ Conzendorf
Release Date: 22.03.2008 at Breakpoint party
Format: FULL HD (1920×1080) XVID 475 MB

Download Wilddemo! HDTV-XVID 475MB from underground.net

Download Mid-Quality (Pal-Resolution) WMV Version 90MB

The first time we hit the 1st place in a competition after six years being active in demoscene! Its a fun video but it has some special effects though. Just try to redo the Lemming scene ;D ! We also performed a dance live at the party, wearing the costumes, while the video ran on the bigscreen.

Name: Classics on the run!
Type: Video
Idea: d!RT!E
Compositing: Nk-Tux, d!RT!E
Camera, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: elapse, mAZE
Actors: Elvira: Gabi/Kakiarts, Worms: Anja Hase, Antje Tasche, Sven Schneider, Turrican, Rick Dangerous, Lemming: Nk-Tux, Prince of Persia: Daniel Obst
Release Date: 12.08.2006 at EVOKE `06 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 263 MB

Download Wilddemo! DVD-MPG2 322 MB from scene.org
Download Mid-Quality WMV Version 80MB local

A dark short movie based on a short story by Ghandy. The compo was very tough this year so we hit place 6.

Name: Vigil Coma
Type: Animation, Movie
Story: Ghandy
Compositing, 3D-Backgrounds: Nk-Tux
Storyboard, Characteranim, Editor: d!RT!E
Music: Raztaman, Psycreator, mAZE
Voices: dodge, d!RT!E, AT, Torsten Schrot, Daniel Fischer
Release Date: 15.04.2006 at Breakpoint`06 party
Format: DVD PAL MPEG 2 263 MB

Download Wilddemo! FTP Mirror 263 MB
Download Low Quality WMV Version 20MB

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