DSM 2013 Pouet Thread.
Attendees: Novel, KeyJ, TED, d0dge, kwe, MOG, d!RT!E, CME, …

Lange Nacht der Computerspiele 2013 in Leipzig

Since d!RT!E was not able to attend this year we had to collect some images from friends. Most of the pictures were done by TED and KeyJ. Thank you guys.

This gallery contains pictures by KeyJ, TED and d!RT!E.

It was friday,  12th of november 2010 when Klanggerüst e.V. organized their retro party at Klanggerüst-Villa, supported by Retro-Magazin. A mixture of  8-/16-Bit-gaming and chiptunes-live.acts. The following machines could be played: NES, C64, KC85, Atari 2600, MasterSystem, Atari 7800, MSX(2), ColecoVision, Interton VC4000, MB Vectrex, Intellivion, SNES, MegaDrive, Amiga. KTHX and greetings to PLUSH.


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