Here you are going to learn who we are and what exactly we do. What an Amiga is and why we should be of your interest. But before we really start, let us have some notes who did what on this website, the usual credits.

The Credits
Organizing, Concept,
Thomas ‘d!RT!E‘ Siegel, Marc ‘zito‘ Oberst (ex-member since 2004)

Original Panel Photo by
Daniel ‘Dael’ Graupner

What is Moods Plateau?
Moods Plateau, formely known as mOOdS, is a group (not a band) of international musicians and other artists, who try to express themselves in music, graphics, photos, movies, demos and that more. The group was founded as independent music label for tracker music first. This means music composed by special programms on computers called tracker. And this is what we still provide: music for all kinds of trackers not depending on the format (MOD, MED, DBM, MMD/OSS, ML, XM, IT, SID and so on).

But during the years more artists who were not only musicians joined our group and so we developed from a music label only to a multimedia art group by doing besides net tracks also hi-quality audioCDs, mp3s , movies, wilddemos, musicdisks, intros, webdesigns, photos and even diskmags. Moods plateau is a active part of the demoscene since 1999. Our artists are doing all things just for fun, for the pleasure of the people listening, watching and enjoying their art. No commercialism.

The name Moods (and its grammalogue mdS) has neigher something to do with the famous fine tabacco cigarettes nor with the trashy CD compilation as seen on tv. mOOdS with the two “O” just means “more mods” or respectively “more modules”, which is the technical name for a tracked piece of music. Plateau is the french word for platform and that is what we still want to provide mainly: A platform for all styles of tracked music. Especially on Amiga.

To get to know more about and to download all our projects goto the “releases” and the “specials” sections or get them ordered by artists in the “artists” sections.

You think computermusic is ugly?
After you have read the paragraphs above you think this beeping sounds are not of your taste? Then please notice that computer music is not only sick beeps anymore. The nowadays computer technologies offer the user the possibilities to become a whole band or even an orchestra by still being one man or woman only. Although we like our roots and return to beeps (so called sid and chip music) from time to time, Moods Plateau offeres a wide range of music styles.

As many different artists releasing under Moods Plateau as many different styles you will find here and there is surely also something for you. Moods Plateau comes up with triphop, funk, house, hardcore, ambient, goa, trance, chipmusic, gabba, demotunes, but also jazzy, moviescore-like, experimental and pop-oriented tracks. We do pleasure for your ears. It doesn’t matter if you are a critical listener searching for something innovative or if you like to listen to a lot of free music during your travels by car or if you want to enjoy the old times where 8bit computers or less had their triumphs. We have everything for you, just try us out!

What is an AMiGA?
An AMiGA is a computer developed for Commodore in the late 80s. She (lovers believe that this computer is a female) has been praised for the innovative hard- and software technology, the first real graphical user interface (gui), multimedia possibilities and real multitasking. She has been the first computer with stereo sound in 8bit. She was usable for gaming, desktop publishing & bureaucratic stuff, sound & graphic design (also in 3d) and multimedia presentations. She had been used by world wide known artists in musical and graphical arts, for movie special effects and cutting and the lot more.

And with this computer most of the artists of Moods Plateau grew up. As kids we liked to play later we discovered the legal and illegal computer scene, joined groups and found one or more functions (coder, musician, graphician, editor, organizer) to be a part of these very active and trend setting scene. And so we stick to this computer although the main world is controlled by microsoft compatibles and mac computers. Because we are in love with the special technology, handling, operating system and possibilities artwise. And because we like the challenge to have limitations to push and to cross.

Nowadays the AMiGA computer does not get any support – as many visionary computers from the 80s – and so a close (though not too small) community was built around this machine. But above these people, who are still active using AMiGAs for their daily work and/or art projects like Moods Plateau, exist a lot of lovers using emulators to make their new WINtel machines becoming (at least partly) AMiGAs to enjoy the executables of this classical hardware.

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