Its just a little updater including releases which where thrown out since the last listro. We wont show up at Evoke 09 aka Zvokz with empty hands.

Name: “list09″ 64K-Intro
Code: d0dge
Gfx: d0dge, Dafreak
Music: mAZE
Requirements: Amiga OCS or WinUAE

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Its Doc K´s debut on KC 85. Probably moodsplateau released the first real demoscene production on this platform! Coding the sound output was a real nightmare. Doc K. worked the whole night just before the deadline to get the audio fixed.

Name: “Waypoint X” 64K-Intro
Code: Doc.K.
Gfx: Doc.K.
Music: Doc.K.
Requirements: KC 85/4

Download video and .exe (party-version)!
Grab the final here!
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mOOdS plateau celebrates its 10 anniversary in 2009. Everything is goin’ to hell in a hand basket, so we might as well can party like it’s 1 9 9 9 ! This time the code was tested throughout the whole quite extended process on an A500 with 512 fake fast ram. But yet, there are still some crude flaws in some screens regarding the speed. So it is recommended to run this thingie on a 68020 CPU.

Name: “wasted years” 64K-Intro
Code: d0dge
Gfx: d0dge, d!RT!E
Music: Selecta Novel
Requirements: Amiga OCS or WinUAE

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This piece of true asm code was done in long nights by dodge right before the party. Doc.K.s 3D was added in the last hours just before the deadline. Nerve-racking till the end! But finally it shows we are still alive, improoving our skills and we luv Amiga-Scene. So we do not regret!

Name: “No Regrets” 64K-Intro
Code: d0dge, Doc.K.
Gfx: d0dge
Music: elapse
Requirements: Amiga ECS or WiNUAE

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Just a small intro to list releases, members and news.

Our contribution to Breakpoint 2007. Its graff themed again. Electro music, style gfx and our first 3D cube 😀 We hit the third place in the Amiga 64k intro compo and its a first time coop of our coding members dodge and Doc.k.

Name: “All City” 64K-Intro
Code: d0dge, Doc.K.
Gfx: d0dge
Music: d!RT!E, Psycreator
Requirements: Amiga ECS or WiNUAE

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Our contribution to Evoke 2006, alternative platforms. It contains planar effects, a oldschool UTL-Logo and a lot informations about UTL. Go and call the best up and running Demoscene BBS called Uphold the Law now !!!

Name: “10 years Uphold the Law” BBStro
Code: d0dge
Gfx: d0dge
Music: d0dge
Requirements: Amiga AGA or WiNUAE

Download Intro

Our contribution to Breakpoint 2006. It contains planar effects, the hungarian comic figure called “Mikrobi” and stunning music by mAZE.

Name: Mikrobi
Code: d0dge
Gfx: d!RT!E, d0dge
Music: mAZE
Release Date: 15.04.2006
Requirements: Amiga ECS or WiNUAE

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This is just a crappy intro to keep you up to date about our crew, the latest releases and activities. The intro was released at Evoke 2005 wilddemo competition.

Name: “List05” 64K Intro
Code: d0dge
Gfx: d0dge
Music: mAZE
Requirements: AMiGA OCS/ 020 or WiNUAE

Download Intro

No, there are no special fx in here it was just to tease the upcoming release of Jurassic Pack 13. Ghandy was very sad because he had no intro this time so I decided to do at least a small one… if you think its crap, please support Ghandy for the coming issues with an better intro.

Name: JP#13 Introducing
Code: d!RT!E
Gfx: Dafreak, xenusion, dan dee, d!RT!E
Music: d!RT!E
Release Date: 21.11.2004
Requirements: AMiGA 1200 or WiNUAE

Download Intro

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