Handle: Blakkhar
Real Name: Stellan Pistoor
Birthdate: 18.12.1976
Country: Germany
Function: Musician

Discography: Aminet, mOOdS, some guestreleases (LQS) and competition (Sapa´03, M&S,) entries here and there. went to mekka-symposium 2oo1 party.

Equipment: A1200(68040), MX1604A, MC303

Profile: Blakkhar is tracking since he started using protracker on his A500. This was about 1993-1995. His favourite drink is h2o with carbonic acid. Sports are swimming, badminton and jumping into deep water before doing different movements. Most of the time in live he is a really friendly and humor guy.

Nick: climber
Real Name: Grzegorz Lipiec
Birthdate: 07.04.1985
Country: Poland
Function: Musician

Profile: My tunes were released for some Amiga Scene Magazines and Packs: Breathe – Berbec, Berbec Intro, Moons – Overtime, and of course our JP 🙂 and online Magazine Kubika.de. I Also released some tunes on ctgmusic.com . One of my songs has been included on Zerinnerung mix 012 – Entactogen Organic CD. And of course songs under
Moodsplateau label such as Summer EP.

Equipment: PC 2.4GHz, 512MB ram, dvd, cd burner, nvidia ge force fx 5200 128 MB, A1200/040, 16MB, CD-R, CDx24

Other Groups: nope

Nick: Blasa
Real Name: Mauro Rodrigues
Birthdate: 1979
Country: Portugal
Function: Musician
Homepage: Blasa.home-page.org

Discography: Well, here’s my story… my real name is Mauro Rodrigues and has you might of guessed by now my alias name is Blasa, born in 1979. I discovered Mods in 1996 and started tracking not very long from there. Using a program called Tetramed v1.0 i started a journey that teached me the meaning of music and most important, understand it.

Equipment: PEECEE and Impulsetracker.

Profile: A really talented musician who is always trying to express his thoughts and feelings in a new and special way, music related. If you listen to his songs, which got not only published under mOOdS but also under United Virtual Artists, you will never find two one sounding similar. At the end all of his musics are different and partly totally strange and confusing, but in this way to make musics lies his style. Sadly we lost contact since a half year now. (z!o)

Other Groups: United Virtual Artists

Nick: Acidrain
Real Name: Stanislav Piskunoff
Birthdate: 16.06.1978
Country: Russia
Function: Coder

Profile: Codin’ all my life. Else a lot of things as a industrial design and more… Coding in amiga assembler and spectrum. Intros for Jurassic Pack, some bytes for tPA.

Equipment: A1200 PPC, peecee AMD K-7

Other Groups: tPA, but looks like dead now 🙁

Nick: zito
Real Name: Marc Oberst
Birthdate: 04.10.1979
Country: Germany
Function: (inactive) Organizer, Webmaster
Homepage: www.marcoberst.de

Discography: See my homepage for details. Click the archive for my single releases under mOOdS pLAtEAU.

Equipment: A1260/50mhz, 2/64mb RAM, 14GB HDs, 8x burner, hd-floppy, OS3.9, VGA-Monitor (Flickermagic rules), A4060/50, 2/96MB RAM, 10GB HD, 8x cd-drive, ZorroIV, Cybervision64, OS3.1 A500, 1MB RAM, OS1.3 and a PII 350mhz, 64MB RAM, 4GB HD for doing university stuff (tibetan fonts are not available for AMiGA) and webdesigns. For music I still use protracker 2.3d and my Yamaha PSR500.

Profile: zito – who is the founder of mOOdS pLAtEAU – and former member of groups like Apathy, Darkage, Off World, The Agony’s Friends, Zetec – is sharing the organizing with d!RT!E, doing some webstuff and musics too. But in the last listed point he his for sure the worst one inside mOOdS. Therefor he produces more and more wilddemos with d!RT!E. He is also a member of the Amiga demogroup [S]carab in which he produces “Jurassic Pack – The Lost Amigascene Diskmag” as main editor and in 1oo% (one hundred percent) he is doing ascii art. He is also maintainer of the computer scene news site Diskmag.de together with his friend Ghandy. Besides the scene he studies philosophy, psychology & tibetology and is creative in form of writing, making photos and others in his artgroup SINNsitiv. He developes websites and likes to meet with friends. Reading, especially sci-fi literature, is one of his favorite activities everywhere.

Other Groups: 1oo%, SINNsitiv, [S]carab

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