Handle: Akira
Real Name:
Birthdate: Februar 1979
Country: Argentina
Function: Musician, Graphician, video artist
Homepage: kikencorp

Demoscene/ Discography:
I was part of the demoscene in my country, many eons ago, but I always wanted to join an european group, because of increased actvity.
I am from far away: Buenos Aires, Argentina! Making computer stuff that moves and makes noises since 1990.

Nick: doc strange/ A Gate Behind
Real Name: René Pönisch
Country: Germany
Function: Musician, DeeJay

Discography: 1993 founded a crew with some friends called “HUMA” which means “Hullabaloo-Machinery”. Several Tapes were filled with experimental stuff. 1996 Huma Album “This Place”. 1997 Huma Album “The Second Stage” released. 1999 Huma Album “Third Dimension” released. 13 Tracks with artwork and videos by “A.G.”. 1999 as doc strange “Non Verbaler Kommunikations Kanabalismus”released. “Kana” comes here from “Canabis”, 2000-2001 “Slow Motion Sphere” 6-track ep under his projectname “agatebehind” released.

2001 Doc Stranges “Forgotten memories of an electronic foundation”. 2002 double cd “Structures” as doc strange, 24 tracks! (CD1 dancfloor fillers, CD2 afterhour smootha). 2003 MixCD “Trombosebeatz Part 1” together with Lenzor. Now Party Organizer and does some mixtapes and new experimental musics.

Equipment: PEECEE and Turntables, Mixer

Profile: Likes to do it not the normal way.

Other Groups: Hullabaloo Machinery

Handle: Psycreator
Real Name: Matthias Neumann
Birthdate: 09.02.80
Country: Germany
Function: Musician

Discography: mOOdS pLAteAU member since early 2000, 2nd Place Jamaica ROM Party 2003, Guestreleases under LQS and ZZnicCrew. Visited m&s01, m&s02 and breakpoint party.

Equipment: A4000TE, Repulse, MIDI, several Analog Synth like Yamaha DX7, Yamaha CS1X, Yamaha DJX2, Yamaha RM1X, Yamaha DX200, Yamaha AN200, Mixing Desk Behringer UB1622FX Pro… more to come.

Profile: Psycreator started tracking in the middle 90s as TheBeast, but only in 2000 he came up out of his hell to Track and Sequence as Psycho under mOOds lable. Facinated by the early Electro Synth Sounds from the 80s to these days he searches for his own special style, but did not forget the good old times. Against the Scene mainstream he made the decision to be an Amiga Musican and still makes music only with this system in combination with pure analog synthesizers.

Handle: Nk-Tux
Real Name: Robert Schröder
Birthdate: 16.06.1987
Country: Germany
Function: Graphician, 3D-Artist, Web

Profile: He is experienced in flash, gfx, also 3D stuff. Did some gfxs for the wilddemo “Spirtual Attitude” which was released at “Symphony 2004″. He also supports us with 3D modelling and animations for the Wilddemo “The Key to Success” and did all the gfx stuff for the Fastcompo entry “Raumpatroullie Breakp0RN”. Was in the team of Membrain! wilddemo for Breakpoint 2010.

Handle: mAZE
Real Name: Stian Gudbrandsen
Birthdate: 29.04.1978
Country: Norway
Function: Musician

Discography: mOOdS tracks & mp3s, Soloalbum named: “aMAZEing” & a singlealbum named: “tWISTED”, Working on a new album planned to get released summer 2004, maker of Digital Chips, released alot of tunes under the Utopia, Eltech, exxON, Massive & Apathy lable…

Equipment: PC 1.4ghz with Creative Audigy 2 soundcard, A1200 ++

Profile: Been a musician since 1991, done over 500 chiptunes and alot of other tunes both on PC and Amiga.

Other Groups: Apathy

Handle: Lax-O-Mat (Members Yakumo & Keimling)
Real Names: Erik Pritscha & Uwe Spring
Birthdate: 10.04.1983 & 26.05.1977
Country: Germany
Function: Musicians
Homepage: www.lax-o-mat.de

Discography: in 2004 Keimling (roots: good old tracking times)
and Yakumo (oldschool-electro-scene) met and discovered their common ground. While chilling in the evening, they produced their first track. During this, they aware their complement. Keimling is the man for melodies and structures, and Yakumos strength is doing beats, sounds and tinkering parts.

If something works so good one should keep it going – and thats what led to founding Lax-O-Mat.

Short time later they have a studio and regular projects together. Because of their different roots they do a genre mix, insisting of dancehall-riddims, elektro, techno, drum&bass and industrial.

Equipment: PowerMac G5 Dual -> Logic, Macbook Pro -> Logic, djay, audacity, Soundcraft Spirit Studio LC (Mixer), Novation Remote 25 LE (Controller), Novation BassStation (Synth & Controller), Novation DrumStation, Roland TR 626, Hercules 16/12 FW (Soundcard), Behringer BCR 2000 (Controller)

Handle: Ghandy
Real Name: Lars Sobiraj
Birthdate: 11.05.1966
Country: Germany
Function: Trader, Editor
Homepage: diskmag.de

Profile: Since 1993 I published articles in various diskmags, suchas The Charts, The Jungle, Oepir Risti, Showtime, The Scene Press and last but not least in our own mag, in Jurassic Pack.

Since 2000 I’m maintaining the scene portal Diskmag.de together with zito. In 1998 & 99 I made my only attempts as party organizer with two editions of the Cologne Conference. Speaking about the dark side of the moon, I’ve been modemtrader, trader & organizer.

Equipment: Amiga4000 with an 68060, Picasso and Ethernet, a fucking PC as well. An N64 with a docV64 in case kids visit us.

Other Groups: Scarab, Vantage

Handle: esemgy
Real Name: Sandy Matthias Günther
Birthdate: 23.12.1976
Country: Germany
Function: Musician,

Discography: Several releases in AMiNET and under mOOdS lable.

Equipment: AMIGA 1200, 1240/25, 16 MB, 2 GB HD, cd8x A1200 desktop, 1220, 4MB, 20MB HD, c64 + 1541, AMD duron800, win98 512MB, 40GB, cd8x, MIDIMAN midisport 4×4, ROLAND MC303, KORG Prophecy.

Profile: SMG – or also known as esemgy is a member of mOOdS pLAtEAU since a long time now, after we discovered his sideproject in the world wide web and directly invited him to join us. He is mainly doing electronic sounds, which get sometimes really hard but also groovy and experimental. (drt)

Handle: elapse
Real Name: Frank Siegel
Birthdate: 23.04.1981
Country: Germany
Function: Musician
Homepage: www.elapse.de

Discography: The first steps in 1994 on A500. (After gaming and gaming and gaming …) Several tracks on HUMA audiotapes (MCs) (HUMA = Hullabaloo Machinery) bigger productions were enabled. Some tracks on a lot of HUMA audio CDs (this place, third dimension …). After mOOdS was born I have done tracked music with AmigA on octaMED for mOOdS, later some mp3s (tracked with octaMED, mastering with PC (the miggy was to slow).

2001 build up together with friends UNiCC (UNI CAMPUS CHEMNITZ), an study radio station at TU-Chemnitz (www.radio-unicc.de). Since this time I have an radio show called “DEELAY” together with dael on Radio UNiCC. From then on I had less time for mOOdS.

I visited my first DEMO-PARTY ever (M&S 2001 with one tracked music entry). 2002 I am really lazy in scenish things but I had two entries at M&S 2002 (a short jingle and one mp3 done on AMIGA) and a few mOOdS releases. 2003 more studiing, more radio, less mOOds (but there was a Breakpoint-entry) at press date, I work on my own EP called “friday”, collaborate in freetime with UNiCC Radio (video presentations, audio stuff, jingles, audio ads … blabla).

Equipment: A1230 (desktop) with delfina lite -> (thx to zito and d!RT!E 😉 ), a more or less big samplebase, a PC with renoise installed.

Profile: My first tracking steps on A500, protracker, later star-tracker… handle: snowman …. pppuuuhhaaa!

Other Groups: Thonk Bros., UNiCC (non-scenish), dAUb gfx (more or less non-scenish)

Nick: D@tablade (ex- Hawk, ex- Cyclone)
Real Name: M.M.
Birthdate: 1973
Country: Germany
Function: Swap, Ascii
Homepage: -nope-

I’ve started my scene activities many years ago. It was in 1985 where I made my first steps with swapping on C-64. 1987 I’ve bought my first modem & joined my very first group called “Phoenix” as mail-swapper & modem trader. Well, 1988 Phoenix renamed to Crypt.
It was 1989 where I’ve got an A500. So… me and some other members have opened an Amiga section, too. But in 1991 Crypt died and so I started to think about joining a group called Black Code Design on C-64. That was in 1993. There I’ve created my first ascii logos for disk index’s & mag adverts.
In 1994 I’ve met Cie and he asked me to join Phuture 303 on Amiga as double member. Pretty much like “out of heavens”. I’ve left both groups in 1996 to build my own one. I’ve bought an A1200 & together with Moone/ex-Ram Jam, I’ve founded a Hip Hop based demo group and netlabel called “Fresh”. Due to private problems I’ve left the scene in 1997. Now where we write 2004, I’m about to start my comeback in reactivating my old contacts for trading & swapping again.

Profile: During scene I spend my life with beeing an otaku. An otaku is someone who collects everything wich has something to do with japanese culture. That includes mangas, anime, games, j-pop etc. I like playing Dungeons & Dragons rpg’s for about 20 years and listen to Hip Hop music.

Equipment: PC Athlon XP 3000+, 512MB RAM, ATI Radeon 9600, SB Audigy, Catweasel MK4, LG GSA-4160B multiformat DVD burner, Competition Pro 5000 USB
Commodore 64I, Heavy Duty Power Supply, SuperCPU 16MB, Silversurfer, Retro Replay, Action Replay VI, 2X Competition Pro 5000, 2X 1541I, Commodore 1530
PlayStation SPCH-1001
PlayStation 2 SCPH-5000, Memory Card 32MB MAX

Other Groups: -nope-

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