Handle: falksen
Real Name: Falk Johnke
Country: Germany
Function: 3D, Video,
Website: www.falk-johnke.de


Member since 2009. Visited two Breakpoint partys with kewl entries, Membrain! (winning wilddemo of BP2010) for example!

Handle: noemis
Real Name: Simeon Conzendorf
Country: Germany
Function: 3D, Video, Admin,
Website: www.noemis.de


Member since 2009. Visited two Breakpoint partys with kewl entries, Membrain! (winning wilddemo of BP2010) for example!

Handle: Raztaman
Real Name: Timo Laulajainen
Birthdate: 21.7.1976
Country: Finland
Function: Musician
Homepage: raztas website

Discography: See my website for a whole discography. Take a look at mOOdS pLAtEAU website for the latest.

Equipment: A1200, PC, Guitar, Novation Nova, Groovebox mc303, Quasimidi rave-o-lution 309, kawai keyboard, midikeyboard…

Profile: Old dirty rasta from the 90′s Amigascene. Moving on to sum live shit….

Handle: dr.k
Real Name: Stefan Koch
Country: Germany
Function: ASM-Coder (KC-85) C-Coder (Amiga), Musician

Demoscene/ Discography: First steps are some home recording done in the late 80′s. Album “Gettin’ Crazy” together with Special C as Rhythm Factory 1993. Live performance at my school together with Special C as “Rhythm Factory” and the “No Name Rappers” in autumn 1993. Tracks ‘n’ mp3 releases at moods since 2000. Contribution for neuhaus13 sampler “Projekt23 – PartII – Compilation – 2002″. Real wild entries for Breakpoint and Evoke on KC-85 Hardware and several Musicdisks which he wrotes the engine for.

Equipment: A500 since 1990, A1200 since 1994, Technosound Turbo Pro Audio Sampler, Microphone, Korg M1, Alesis Quadraverb. KC-85,

Profile: Style not fixed. Many tracks come with lyrics soon.

Handle: d!RT!E
Real Name: Thomas Siegel
Birthdate: 06.02.1978
Country: Germany
Function: Musician, Organizer, Webmaster
Homepage: www.thomas-siegel.info
Myspace: www.myspace.com/siegelix

Demoscene/ Discography:
1993 Inspired to do musics coz of good old techno days. Mainly on Amiga (at this time a500 and startrekker), later with Octamed and Midi. I founded a crew with some friends called “HUMA” which means “Hullabaloo-Machinery”. Several Tapes were filled with experimental ;D stuff. During all the time I became a demo-watcher and collector.

1996 released Huma Album “This Place”. Tried to build up a real label and studio with “DJ KIRI” and “Mike N”. 1996 I produced together with Dirk Hieronymus first real single CD release for “OCSID REC”. But after quarrels the “Huma-Posse” had to give up the co-op with “DJ KIRI” and “Mike N”.

1997 released Huma Album “The Second Stage”. Now on AMiGA 1230/50 with Toccata and Octamed Soundstudio.

1999 released Huma Album “Third Dimension”. 13 Tracks with artwork and videos by “A.G.”
In 12/1999 Huma Album “Next Lenoleum” was released.

2000 I joined “Apathy” after I met zito in Leipzig.
We founded mOOdS as a division of “Apathy” and later of “Layout” and “Huma”.

2001 mOOdS became an own crew, I`am organizer for. I went to “Mekka & Symposium´o1″ where we released our first mOOds-audioCD.

2002 several releases on mOOdS and guestreleases for LQS Rec. I went to “Mekka & Symposium´o2″. There we entered the competitions with a wilddemo called “IRC”.

In 2003 we went to “Breakpoint” and “Symphony” Party. We made third place with our wilddemo “Sceners in the sun” at BP´03. The song “Sceners in the sun” became second in streamed music competition. The song “Leipzig goes Poznan” became 4th at Symphony 2003.

moods renamed to moodsplateau

We did wilddemos for Breakpoint 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010. I also attended at EVOKE`05, ´06, ´07, ´08, ´09.

Equipment: A1260 with Mediator. Voodoo4, Soundblaster, Ethernet, FAAAST WiNDOZE, Behringer Eurorack 1604A, Beyerdynamik TG-X 58, AKG K301.

Profile: I like to produce funkee musics with broken beats and melody. Let myself be inspired by a wide spectrum of music, partys and people. Respect to the AMiGA-CREWS out there. if WE do not continue, a big piece of computer and art history will die!

Other Groups: Thonk Bros.

Handle: Dafreak
Real Name: Martin Rebentisch
Birthdate: 14.02.1981
Country: Germany
Function: Graphician
Homepage: www.dafreak.de.vu

Scenography: I joined the demogroups RNO and Vortex in 2001 as graphician and swapper. They released two slideshows and a musicdisk with my influence. I snail-mailed with several sceners and supported the swap-only mag “sabotage”. Then in 2002 I joined the new scenish musiclabel Liquid Skies and created a bunch of covers and asciis for the releases. In those year the Vortex crew closed his doors. Since then I supported diskmags like Eurochart, Disc, Showtime, JurassicPack and some packs (SaveDaVinyl, Frozen, Speed) with graphics, news, memberlists and one article. I become a “new school” email-wapper because I left my motivation to write my more’n’more slimming contacts. 2003 I enlarged my activities in LQS to organise the crew and designed two CD-compilations for the next two years. In the year 2005 I decided to left the demogroup RNO and joined shortly the local guys of Shrimps Design and now Moods Plateau.

Profile: The commercial mainstream suxx and so I love to be different. Have multiple computer systems and play around with some alternative tools and styles. The demoscene shows me (and maybe you too ;)) a big pool full of great ideas. It’s like a drug and I’m addicted to it. Viva la scene!

Equipment: Windoof-PC (Core2Quad/2.4Gb, 3GB, RadeonHD3870), Apple iBook (G3/800Mhz, 384MB, Radeon7500), Sam440ep (440ep/667Mhz, 512MB, RadeonM9) and my lovely Amiga 1200 (68030/42Mhz, 10MB,
AGA). Gimp 2 for everything concerning graphics besides some cycling effect-tools and WinAmp with some fresh electro or trance tunes for the creative feeling.

Thonk Bros. is a special funk projekt by d!RT!E and elapse

It says THOmas and fraNK as both are called in real life. Under this name the both brothers are doing funk and house music together.

2nd place in “Online Mod Compo”
Soundtrack for the wilddemo “IRC”
some mOOdS releases.

1x classic 68k AMiGA 1200 Tower, 68060 accelerator, Mediator PCI, Voodoo4, Soundblaster, Ethernet. 1x classic 68K AMiGA 1200 Desktop, 68030-fpu-accelerator, Delfina 1200 Soundcard, PCMCiA Ethernet. 2 major Amiga-tracking programs (Digibooster Pro, Octamed Soundstudio Pro). Totgin2 AMiGA Realtime Synthesizer. 2x WiNDOZE PEECEE using RENOiSE, Vermona Analog Synthesizer. Behringer Mixing desk.

Nick: Tripper
Real Name: Ville Sarell
Birthdate: 20.02.1978
Country: Finland
Function: Musician

Discography: Lotsa tracks for mOOdS pLAtEAU (tracked + MP3s), a few tracks for LQS, tracks also released at mikseri.net (finnish MP3-community sort of) and some video-projects… Participated in many past parties: incl. M&S 2002, AltParties 2-4, Assembly since 1994, The Party 1997, Motorola Inside ’97&’98… and organized 9 successful private parties called “TripSapa”.

Equipment: Amiga1200PPC (with Delfina Lite), PC (Reason2.5), Yamaha CS2X, Korg Kaoss Pad2, Novation BassStation, turntables etc…

Profile: Yup, likes drinking and smoking. New ambitious goal is to find a new musicstyle!

Other Groups: LQS, Void

Handle: Novel aka Selectanovel
Real Name: Matthias
Country: Germany
Function: Musician, Editor
Homepage: triptobreakpoint.untergrund.net

I started making music on Amiga in 1994 with the unheard-of Music Maker v8 by dire cracks (not to be confused with the sequencer for windows). Later I switched to FastTrackerII on PC and finally, when I entered the scene in 2004, back to Amiga and its standard, Protracker. Today I use Vivid Tracker on an iPad in order to produce Protracker modules. It’s fun!

Aside from tracking, I was also main editor of Jurassic Pack in 2006/07 and I am the creator of the first and only point and click graphic adventure about the demoscene, “Trip to Breakpoint – The Game”, released at Revision 2014.

Other Groups: Gnumpf-Posse

Handle: dodge
Real Name: Michael Fiedler
Birthdate: 02.05.1977
Country: Germany
Function: Musician, Graphician, Coder
Homepage: www.rowdyclub.de

Discography: Startup with tracking music on A500 in the early 1990`s with several single module releases for an own, non-scene project called “window down”. After a long break actively joined scene in 2000 by making and releasing new tracks on mOOdS along with party contributions for m&s 2001, apocalypse 3, m&s 2002, pDX2002 [russia], TRSAC-fu 2002, breakpoint 2003 and symphony03 in poland.

Equipment: Classic 68k AMIGA 1200 Tower, 68060 accelerator, Repulse Soundcard, MediatorPCI and 2 major Amiga-tracking programs.

Profile: As already written, tracking music since the great heydays of Amiga 500. Scene-watcher for a long time [collecting demos, intros etc. ]. In the rare sparetime trying to get deeper into the assembly gutter or if fed up from scene somtimes going out on the graffiti mission [since 1994] or drawing canvas with graff-and-classic painting techniques.

So far in the progress of learning ASM I released 2 tiny intros on mOOdS. One was in fact my first on and is lookin` damn like cracktro [I love cracktros]. 2nd one was somewhat the announcer-slideshow to mOOdS` video party report of our trip to Symphony 2003 in Poznan which has been released a week later. Likes to drink czech beer, playing oldschool games and if mother sun is smilin` brightly there`s only one solution: switch off the machine and enjoy the outer life!

A lot of time I`m spending with upgrading my knowledge in coding database-releated Java applications and by the moment the next goal is to learn all the PHP stuff. I wouldn`t if I didn`t need to, but this script language became so important the last years, that it`s quite necessary to get a feet on solid ground in the comercial computer world.

Other Groups: Yes, but not scene releated. Check www.rowdyclub.de!

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