Handle: Akira
Real Name:
Birthdate: Februar 1979
Country: Argentina
Function: Musician, Graphician, video artist
Homepage: kikencorp

Demoscene/ Discography:
I was part of the demoscene in my country, many eons ago, but I always wanted to join an european group, because of increased actvity.
I am from far away: Buenos Aires, Argentina! Making computer stuff that moves and makes noises since 1990.

Handle: noemis
Real Name: Simeon Conzendorf
Country: Germany
Function: 3D, Video, Admin,


Member since 2009. Visited two Breakpoint partys with kewl entries, Membrain! (winning wilddemo of BP2010) for example!

This video material was recorded during a live gig of Lax-O-Mat at “Brühl-Begehungen” in Chemnitz.

Nick: Psyrok
Real Name: Si White
Birthdate: 09.07.1978
Country: New Zealand/UK
Function: Musician

Discography: ‘Soma’ single released on Several releases coming up!

Equipment: Crappy PC with Fruity Loops + brain.

Profile/Bio: Psyrok, an electronic producer originally from New Zealand and now based in London. Producing strange and beautiful music for beautiful and strange people… He is selling and pimping a product.

Other Groups: -nope-

Nick: LCR
Real Name: Grzegorz Ociesa
Birthdate: 05.03.1982
Country: Poland
Function: Musician

Discography: Two tracks for Reason productions, few tracks for bohema, rno, moods labels and much for lqs (my group).

Equipment: Pc P233MMX

Profile: I like to try myself in different music styles. Love intros.

Project: Kaufkassette (Disrupt & Annie Lux)
Real Name: Jan Gleichmar, Anja Dellner
Country: Germany, France (Capharnaum, Remixer)
Function: Guest musician

Profile: Kaufkassette was founded in 1999. We only recorded the song “Reduktion” together and then our project broke up, because Annie moved to another town and apart from the little time we had since then, musical interests went in different directions. A reunion isn’t planed at present. A sad sad story, isn’t it? You don’t need burst into tears (But if you want, feel free…), in the meantime disrupt makes electronical dub music. He has a label and you can visit him at Annie publishes journals with her texts and sings from time to time her lyrics in the band “Grete Fisch”.

Equipment: PC and Synth

Other Groups: nope

Other Groups: nope

Nick: factor6
Real Name: Alan Petrik
Birthdate: 09.04.1976
Country: Czech Republic
Function: Musician

Discography: Mostly modules for various productions. Some for the former Reason some for LQS, one album (MP3) called Impressions. Chiptuning on ZX Spectrum 128 and C64. Made also some for Gameboy, Amstrad CPC and Atari 8bit. Member of AY-Riders music band presenting ZX Spectrum chippies in mp3 on the net. Former member of E.S.A. group on Speccy, Reason on Amiga. Actual member of: Horizontal Lamerz (Amiga), K3L, Phantasy (Speccy), Anubis, Phantasy, Role (C64). Participation at: Many local Czech ZX parties and meetings; Forever 2e3,2e3+1,2002,Quattro (SK); ZX Party 2000 (PL), Int.Vodka Party 1,2 (PL), SymMek2001 (DE), Primary Star 2003 (NL), Apocalypse01 (CZ), Sydeecate02+03 (CZ)…

Equipment: Amiga 500 (I’ve sold my A4060), PC trackers and emuls, ZX Spectrum 128, C64 (new and old), Atari 1040ST, Amstrad CPC 6128, SAM Coupe 512K, C128D, Yamaha PSR-195 (yes, shit).

Profile: As Koko&Keke entered the music and computer scene until I renamed to factor6 in ’93. I like being with friends, boozing, having fun. Relaxing with a tracker, listening chippies and mods, to be in bed and making summer bicycle trips.

Other Groups: Phantasy, K3L, Anubis

Nick: doc strange/ A Gate Behind
Real Name: René Pönisch
Country: Germany
Function: Musician, DeeJay

Discography: 1993 founded a crew with some friends called “HUMA” which means “Hullabaloo-Machinery”. Several Tapes were filled with experimental stuff. 1996 Huma Album “This Place”. 1997 Huma Album “The Second Stage” released. 1999 Huma Album “Third Dimension” released. 13 Tracks with artwork and videos by “A.G.”. 1999 as doc strange “Non Verbaler Kommunikations Kanabalismus”released. “Kana” comes here from “Canabis”, 2000-2001 “Slow Motion Sphere” 6-track ep under his projectname “agatebehind” released.

2001 Doc Stranges “Forgotten memories of an electronic foundation”. 2002 double cd “Structures” as doc strange, 24 tracks! (CD1 dancfloor fillers, CD2 afterhour smootha). 2003 MixCD “Trombosebeatz Part 1” together with Lenzor. Now Party Organizer and does some mixtapes and new experimental musics.

Equipment: PEECEE and Turntables, Mixer

Profile: Likes to do it not the normal way.

Other Groups: Hullabaloo Machinery

Handle: Raztaman
Real Name: Timo Laulajainen
Birthdate: 21.7.1976
Country: Finland
Function: Musician
Homepage: raztas website

Discography: See my website for a whole discography. Take a look at mOOdS pLAtEAU website for the latest.

Equipment: A1200, PC, Guitar, Novation Nova, Groovebox mc303, Quasimidi rave-o-lution 309, kawai keyboard, midikeyboard…

Profile: Old dirty rasta from the 90′s Amigascene. Moving on to sum live shit….

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